KuSan wool knit bags and accessories use the finest wool sourced from New Zealand, which is then lovingly handcrafted in Nepal.

Ethical values:

Their philosophy has always been to work honestly and ethically with their factories in Nepal. KuSan seek to ensure the integrity of all products bearing the KuSan label and take their social and corporate responsibility very seriously. All staff involved with manufacturing KuSan accessories receive good wages and work fair hours in a healthy and safe environment. You can be assured that there is absolutely NO child labour associated with KuSan.

KuSan are now in their fourth year of collaboration with MADE-BY, the independent European consumer label for fashion companies who are transparent about the social, economic and ecological conditions throughout the whole supply chain of their collections. Its mission is to make sustainable fashion common practice. The MADE-BY label gives you the assurance that a brand makes products with respect for people and planet to its best efforts.